Bulk Profiling System

Laser Scan Bulk Profiling System

About the Project

For this client, we had already built a rapport with them while building and upgrading their controls and data collection infrastructure. Eventually, they came to us with a very interesting and unique application. This client provides premium gardening soil to large commercial growers. Their product contains many different organic additives as well as different levels of moisture that often relate to changes in weight. Traditionally they would sell their product by bulk weight as measured by a truck scale but the moisture and product mix would impact the amount of product their clients were actually receiving. To be sure their clients were receiving the appropriate amount of product they asked us to design and build a bulk scanning system for their manufacturing lines. By interfacing this system with the data collection interface we designed we were not only able to help them to better understand the specific volume of product they were producing and selling, but also how their product responded to different amounts and types of additives.