Who We Are

IRIS is an organization that listens to our clients, thinks outside the box, and does what it takes to produce reliable and innovative automation.

The IRIS approach is simple.

Listen, Assess, Execute.

Your company is uniquely innovative, so shouldn’t your partners be? Our approach at IRIS is simple, listen to our clients, be innovative, and leverage industry-leading technology and partners to provide application-specific solutions. We’re an Automated Inspection, Robotics, and Automation provider that understands our niche in the Industry, Operates within our core competencies, and ultimately provides our clients systems that work!

What we are

We’re innovators. In reality, every single customer is a little different and treat them that way. We’re constantly evaluating and re-evaluating the technology, ideas, and products we bring to the table.
We’re in it for the right reasons. We do this because we want to. What’s better than being able to take something from whiteboard to factory floor and then see the positive impact it has on our clients…not much!
We’re culture-centric. We believe companies aren’t successful because of the resumes they hire, they’re successful because of the culture they create. We value everyone’s opinion (including yours), we remember that we all need work-life balance, and most of all we have fun because we love what we do.

What we’re not

We’re not a huge company so we need to be innovative, light on our feet, and transparent to thrive in this business as we are.
We’re not an old company either. As our business continues to grow we’re not bogged down with how something has been done, we excel by doing things as they should be done. And if it’s not working we fix it and move on!
We’re not a “yes” company. We know what we’re good at and we know what we’re not. We’re not a machine builder that makes widgets. We’re an idea firm that produces automation to improve our customers Quality, Throughput, and Bottom line.

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