Automated Inspection

IRIS grew up as an automated inspection company with core competencies in 2D Inspection, 3D Inspection, Line Scan Inspection, Laser Gauging, and Auto ID. We understand the need to follow the proper steps to produce a successful rollout of automated inspection systems and we know how painful it can be if you aren’t careful about what applications make sense and what don’t. We’re also one of the very few Machine Vision providers that specialize in turnkey automation that is machine vision centric. We’re not an automation company that does vision, we’re a vision company that provides automation.

Collaborative Robotics

When we made a decision to focus on Collaborative Robots we did it because it felt natural for us. Having competency in Automated Inspection, Collaborative Robots were the next logical stop as these robots play a key role with our customers in supporting the same initiatives we were already working on with them, Quality, Process Improvement, and Creating a Safer working environment. Years later we find ourselves combing our competencies more than ever. Vision and Robotics go hand in hand and we’re developing new solutions literally every day to leverage those technologies on our client’s plant floor.

Data Collection

When we ask our clients data-centric questions about their products or process they often respond with “I think” or “We Believe” or “I’m not sure”. At IRIS we want you to know with certainty what’s happening on your plant floor. Especially in the case of automated inspection, those products are often used as a band-aid or preventative measure to avoid escapes. Our approach is a bit different. We actually want to fix the problem! We leverage our expertise in SCADA and position as a Certified Integrator of Indusoft Wonderware to collect key metrics about our customers products and process to help them resolve systemic issues while still guarding against escapes.

Custom Automation

Who provides custom automation… a lot of people. So why are we different?

We’re not out trying to sell anything to anybody and we’re not interested in every single automation application you have. We’re interested in leveraging our strengths in Inspection, Collaborative Robotics, and Data Collection to produce systems that create a more efficient, safe, and quality centric production floor.

Our clients don’t start with “We need this widget made at 300 pieces per minute”, our clients start with “ I have a problem with my process and I was hoping you may be able to help.” So why are we different again? We don’t provide automation to make things. We provide automation to make things better.

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